The community values workshop is an opportunity to get together as a community to talk about our collective values, think about how we currently practice them, and ideate on new ways to practice and support our values.


This 2.5 hour workshop was developed alongside my classmate Jenny Chen as part of my graduate thesis work.  After running several trial workshops, we ran the community values workshop with 25 RISD Masters of Industrial Design community members. Moving forward the workshop will be held once a year in this space. This allows community members to reflect, redefine, and realign as community members and values shift.

Run of Show

-    Alignment    -

Icebreaker Questions:  Participants answer- What they love about the community? What they bring to the community? And one randomized wild card question.

Value Sorting: Participants state the values they feel are important for the community to uphold. As a whole all the participants organize these stated values and identify key values.

-    Group Work    -

The workshop breaks into smaller groups (4-5).  Using a worksheet each group fleshes out one key value.  They write a clear definition for this value, articulate how the community currently practices this value, ideates on new ways the community might practice this value, and considers barriers to practicing.